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The Language of

The year is 2728, and instantaneous travel is possible by gating from one body to another on any of 300 human-inhabited worlds. On Cecrops, Jazari wants to escape her boss, a crime lord, and figure out why she’s always heard voices in her head. On Corvus, Eala is a scientist studying the mammal-like taktak who wants to understand their telepathic abilities. In the outer reaches of the Sol system, ZD777 wakes from cryo, alone on a frozen asteroid that is about to explode.


Chance throws them together, and they have to figure out not only how to save themselves but also a mystery with implications for the future of humankind. Readers of Ann Leckie and James S.A. Corey will enjoy this character-based space opera.

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TT LINSE is the author of the Mechalum Space science fiction series. The first, The Language of Corpses (Salix 2020), was awarded a starred review from Kirkus and named amongst the Top 100 Indie Books of 2021. 

Find out more about TT, and be sure to check out her new blog "Creator of Worlds," which will be launching in early 2022. 
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"Complex and brilliant… A magnificently imaginative space opera."  — Prairies Book Review, five stars

"Some of the speculations here (especially concerning the nature of intelligence, biologically native or artificial) could have taught Isaac Asimov a thing or two." — Kirkus starred review

She Dies in the End, I Think

An episodic space adventure available on Amazon's newest platform, Kindle Vella

Episode 1:

In Which Dosta Is Tranqed Out of Her Gourd

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