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Books by T T LINSE

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She Dies in the End, I Think

Now Available on Kindle Vella

Check out TT LINSE's exciting new work now available on Kindle Vella.

A futuristic, science fiction adventure told in small episodic pieces.  

The Language of Corpses

      The year is 2728, and instantaneous travel is possible by gating from one body to another on any of 300 human-inhabited worlds.

      On Cecrops, Jazari wants to escape her boss, a crime lord, and figure out why she’s always heard voices in her head.

      On Corvus, Eala is a scientist studying the mammal-like taktak who wants to understand their telepathic abilities.

      In the outer reaches of the Sol system, ZD777 wakes from cryo, alone on a frozen asteroid that is about to explode.

      Chance throws them together, and they have to figure out not only how to save themselves but also a mystery with implications for the future of humankind.

The Evolution of Corpses

In the Writing Workshop!

The second book in the Mechalum Space Trilogy,  picks up where  we left off with Ooee, ZD777, and Jazari as they try stop the genocide and also find a solution to the problem of bio bodies. I’m having a blast

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