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A Wickedly Amazing Announcement

I was so excited when I received that phone call from Amy at Kirkus! I was sitting in a Starbucks parking lot waiting for my coffee, but what she had to say was better than coffee. She has a lovely phone voice and really knows her stuff. And why would you get a call from Kirkus if it wasn't amazing news?

And that's what it was!

Kirkus Reviews, in case you haven't heard, is the book evaluation company of record for the publishing world. It specializes in unbiased reviews and awards traditionally published and indie books a star designation when they are of exceptional merit. Only about 2% of indies earn a star, and The Language of Corpses was one of them!

In addition to giving it a much-coveted star, Kirkus has named my book The Language of Corpses in the Top 100 Indie Books of 2021.

The news sent me over the moon! They like it! They really like it!

And so I and my team thought it was the perfect time for a brand new cover for The Language of Corpses, the first book in the Mechalum Space series.

The new cover of The Language of Corpses by T T Linse, designed by Lyndsay Stanley and T T Linse.

I am incredibly happy with the cover my Promotions Manager, Lyndsay Stanley, and I were able to come up with together. As always, I would love to hear your comments. Feel free to tweet me @tt_linse with your thoughts or email me at, and if you're interested in reviewing it drop me a line. I'd be happy to send you a copy!

I am so honored to be among Kirkus's list of Top 100 Indie Books. This book is close to my heart, and it is so gratifying to hear that others love it as well.

Stay tuned! A lot more coming your way. I'm picking up my blog again, I've been talking to some wonderful fascinating people who will be profiling me online and on podcasts, and look for The Evolution of Corpses, book 2 of the Mechalum Space series, coming in 2022.

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