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Newsletter Terms & Conditions

By subscribing to this newsletter you agree to receive email from me. The goal of the newsletter is to let you know about new books and other things that are happening, as well as free content, contests, and more. 

Frequency – I send out the newsletter once or twice a month.


Single Opt-in – You will receive a message confirming your subscription when you subscribe.


Privacy Policy – I won’t share your data with any third parties, except when it’s necessary with third-party vendors for you to receive this newsletter and other perks. You can unsubscribe at any time.


No Warranty – I try to verify all the information I send out. However, this information is not considered legal advice and doesn’t guarantee any particular outcomes.


Limited Liability – I’m not liable for costs or damages related to information in the newsletter.


Changes – I reserve the sole right to modify or discontinue the newsletter at any time with or without notice. I also reserve the right to unsubscribe anyone without notice, especially those who appear to have registered with fake data.

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